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This is the municipalist moment.

The devastating effects of police violence, the pillaging of social safety net programs, climate chaos and the COVID-19 pandemic have wreaked havoc on people across the world, but in the violence, a beam of hope begins to emerge. People are once again recognizing their power, organizing themselves against greedy corporations and an uncaring state to control their lives.


This is the municipalist moment. The movement to gain democratic control of cities and towns is ascendant from Los Angeles to Barcelona to Jackson, Mississippi. People are crafting municipalist platforms, reclaiming the right to the city, and self-organizing as rebel cities.


Los Angeles for All is building a network of self-organized social movements, to both reclaim the city via neighborhood assemblies while learning with our community members by bringing in other municipalist movement-makers to teach us.

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We Los Angeles For All are convening a Municipalism Learning Series.

Our goals are threefold:
  1. To introduce a democratic municipalist framework to broad audience
  2. To present case studies of municipalist projects from around the world
  3. To create a space for municipalist organizers to share translocal ideas and tactics

We will convene panels every quarter. Our opening panel was on May Day 2022. The second panel will focus on municipalist platforms in Europe. Future topics include indigenous municipalism, labor and municipalism, popular assemblies, and just transition.


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    Municipalism Learning Series

    1920 Hillhurst Avenue #V920
    Los Angeles, California 90027
    United States of America

    (323) 539-7654

    Illustration by Caroline Woolard

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